What are clip in extensions?

Clip-in extensions are a quick- fix, do-it yourself approach to longer thicker hair. They are clipped in or out in minutes by use of small snap clips which insert into your hair like tiny combs. Miellée Hair Company uses high quality snap clips with a silicone insert that are very secure and will not slip or damage your hair. Once fitted properly, the clips are undetectable. With each of our luxurious clip-in sets, you get 10 individual pieces which can be perfectly blended with your own hair for added length, volume or highlights. The individual pieces can be used individually or all together depending on what effect/thickness you wish to achieve.

What is the difference between Russian, Brazilian and Indian hair?


Russian Hair  is the perfect “European” texture – silky, soft and manageable. The hair is sourced from private donors that sell their hair to hair suppliers at a premium price. Brazilian Hair is like pure gold - available in a variety of straight, wavy and curly patterns. This hair is sourced from hair suppliers located in various regions of Brazil. Indian Hair is naturally durable, flexible, and can be matched to any skin tone. This hair is sourced through the temples of India.





we offer hair extensions in a variety of weight options. With our products, you can create as much or as little volume as your heart desires.




What are tape in extensions?

Tape hair extensions are applied quickly and easily and will last up to three months depending on specific circumstance. In place of the usual clip-in combs, there is a piece of double sided tape along the weft. Simply sandwich the piece of tape in between your own natural hair and press the double-sided tape between a flat iron to  bond the glue into place.  When you are ready to take them, just use our all natural solvent to dissovle the glue and slide the tape out. We use the highest quality 100% human These extensions can be washed and styled as normal, including curling or straightening them as you wish. They are designed to be lightweight and are suitable for all hair types.

How should I choose my attachment method?

Miellee Hair offers a number of attachment methods. Each of these methods vary in level of ease and maintenance. Review the information below about each attachment method, and then browse each 101 guide for further details (GUIDES COMING SOON!). If you are still unsure which method is right for you, email us at and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you.

Where does Miellee Hair come from?

Miellee Hair comes from exclusive donors in Russia, Brazil and India, where hair is naturally beautiful and resilient. Over the years, we have established strong lasting relationships directly with the most renowned hair distributors in these countries. These trusted relationships allow us to stay ahead of the curve and offer the most competitive prices possible. Several times a year, our team travels to meet with the suppliers and ensure the highest quality standard. As a result, we are one of the few companies to offer true affordable pricing on the finest quality Virgin Remy 100% human hair

What is "remy" hair and why is it better than "non-remy" hair?

All of the hair extensions we offer are authentic remy quality. The term “Remy” means that the direction of the hair is preserved, cuticles are kept intact and each hair strand is kept in one direction. Intact cuticles lock in moisture and act as natural protection against damage to the hair strands. This means the hair maintains its shine and lustre with no matting or tangling. Most of the human hair sold over the counter in your local beauty supply store is NON-Remy hair. This means the hair is far lesser quality – it is collected from scraps (usually hair brushes) then compiled together for mass production with cuticles facing every which way. The cuticles of the hair are stripped off through a very damaging acid bath and then the hair is coated in silicone to give it a temporary silky shiny appearance. Over time, the silicone wears off and the hair starts to mat and tangle uncontrollably.

What does it mean if hair is "virgin"?

"Virgin" means that the hair is totally pure and natural. It has never been bleached, colored or chemically altered prior to our custom coloring work. Blonde hair was grown on a natural blonde head, curly hair on a natural curly head, etc. The hair colors and textures are all 100% natural when they reach us, which means the hair is in the optimal state for the bleaching and coloring that we apply to the hair. NOTE: Since virgin hair textures and colors are completely natural and not manufactured, each bundle is unique. The color and curl/wave patterns may vary slightly from bundle to bundle. For multiple bundle orders, we match together color and curl/wave patterns that work together.

What is the quality of Miellee Hair Extensions?

Miellee hair extensions are made of THE FINEST QUALITY 100% human hair. Double drawn and double wefted. Super thick from top to bottom. We source the hair in VIRGIN condition (totally pure and unprocessed) and we ensure that each bundle is REMY meaning that the cuticles are healthy and intact.  This makes for a very high quality product that behaves exactly like your own hair and can be can be treated exactly like your own hair while maintaining its original beauty and vitality for years to come.

How many grams should you order for clip in extensions?

  How much hair should you order for your set?  As a general rule, if you are adding just a few inches with extensions, 120g will be adequate.However, if you...

10 Reasons Why To Invest


#2 Miellee Extensions are made of THE FINEST QUALITY hair on the market

#3 The hair textures are 100% organic and will last forever

#4 Each set of extensions is custom colored to look totally natural

#5 The hair extensions are guaranteed to last 6-18 months with proper care



Feeling a little plain jane?




How do I order custom colored hair extensions?

If you don't find the exact color that you need in our shop, you can order a custom color that we'll specially create for you. Custom orders do not take longer to ship, and they do not cost anything more than the other extensions in our shop. We are able to produce any color combination to match your dream hairstyle whether you are blonde, redhead or brunette with straight, wavy, or curly hair.

How do I best match my color?

Miellee Hair Extensions are custom-made per order. Each individual set of extensions is colored by a professional colorist just like your hair at a salon. Take a look at the color chart above to determine your perfect match. If you're not sure which color to order for yourself, just email a quick picture of your hair to and we'll help you decide. Make sure to snap the pictures in natural lighting to properly display the color of your hair. The picture will give the hair colorist all the info they need to match the color within a shade.

How do I choose my proper length?

The length of your extensions is a truly personal choice. Consult the length chart below and see how long you might want your hair to be. Our extensions are designed so that you can get any length you desire and it will look natural as long as you purchase the proper quantity. As a general rule, if your hair is short, and you are getting extensions that are super long, you will need to purchase more hair in order to make it look natural. Our recommendation is to always cut the extensions into your hairstyle to create layers and make it look natural. If you hair is already long and you are just adding volume, then you won't need to use as much hair and it will be super easy to blend long extensions into your hairstyle.

Will the wavy hair stay wavy?

Our textures are 100% natural and organic so they will retain their form even after they washed and styled. No worries that your gorgeous new wavy hair will turn straight at any point. The textures are guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the extensions.

Which texture is right for me?

Consult the texture chart and choose your closest match. As a general rule, you should always pick the hair texture that most closely matches your own natural hair. A close match will require less styling time on your part since you won’t have to spend time trying to make your hair match the extensions or vice versa. If you are naturally curly-haired or wavy-haired but you mostly wear your hair straight, then you should get the extensions in a straight texture since that is your normal everyday hairstyle.

What are weft hair extensions?

Wefted hair extensions are a semi-permanent approach to hair extensions. They are most often attached by cornrow braiding the hair close to the scalp and then sewing the wefts to the braids. The wefts also can be glued in using a special keratin glue that is minimally damaging to the natural hair. Simply remove glued in extensions with our all natural solvent. Each piece of Miellée hair is guaranteed to be non-shedding, tangle-free, and effortlessly manageable. With each piece of hair, you can expect thick, strong hair with a consistent fullness almost completely throughout along with unrivaled longevity.

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