All of our products are derived from natural human hair sourced in virgin & remy condition. This is quite literally the most beautiful hair on the market. Members of our team travel around the world to meet our hair suppliers and hand-select the hair in person. We are very involved in sourcing our raw hair material and as a result, we are able to guarantee that every client receives nothing short of the finest quality hair.

Every order is thoroughly inspected a second time prior to shipping to ensure once again that we meet our strict quality standards. Through a series of industry-accepted tests, we confirm the porosity and elasticity of each set and make sure that the product you receive is perfectly healthy. We are one of the few companies to enforce such high quality standards and take such individual care for each and every order.



1) Miellee Hair Extensions are completely natural and not manufactured by a factory, meaning that the hair will be have like real human hair. It will respond to weather conditions, styling habits, use of heat, and products, just as the hair attached on your head would respond. Miellee Hair Company is not responsible for damage caused to your extensions by excessive use of heat, products, or chemical processes.

2) Miellee Hair Company is also not responsible for "flaws" that would be considered normal behavior of human hair. For example, light colored hair and long hair are the most fragile and are naturally more prone to tangle than darker and shorter hair. This is normal and is not considered an indicator of sub-quality. Please take extra great care of blonde extensions and long extensions to ensure optimal performance.

3) Each bundle of hair is unique and comes from a different human being. Since no two human beings have identical hair, the texture of the extensions will vary from set to set. This means that each individual set of extensions may require different hair care for optimal performance. Some sets may require more moisture than others. Some sets may respond to styling differently from others. Please keep in mind that you may need to adjust your hair care routine depending your particular set of extensions.


PLEASE NOTE: Many clients tend to re-use our extensions for months and even years. However, each client is different and the life cycle of the extensions will vary depending on the person's exact lifestyle, hair care routine, and specific set of extensions. Therefore, while we are able to guarantee the quality of our products, we do not guarantee any specified length of time that your extensions will last. Need help or advice about your particular set of extensions? Just send us a quick message : We greatly value each and every one of our clients and we're here to help!


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