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Russian, Brazilian, and Indian Hair - WHAT EXACTLY IS THE DIFFERENCE?

Russian, Brazilian, and Indian Hair - WHAT EXACTLY IS THE DIFFERENCE?


When researching human hair extensions, you may have come across many different terms to describe hair types, including Russian, Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, Cambodian, Mongolian, Vietnamese, and Chinese hair.  So, what exactly do these terms mean and what is the actual difference between these hair types? 

Theoretically speaking, the aforementioned terms SHOULD signify the literal origin of the hair. For example, Russian Hair should signify that it came from donors in Russia. However, the truth of the matter is that most of the hair that you see being sold as ‘Russian’, ‘Brazilian’ or otherwise is actually Chinese hair which is mass-produced by large factories, purchased by hair brands around the world, and labeled 'Russian’ or ‘Brazilian’ etc as a marketing technique. Many hair brands employ this tactic because they are aware that various hair origins are highly sought after by customers, but they enjoy the convenience and low cost of ordering chemically-processed, color-treated hair from large manufacturers in China.

We’re not here to criticize anyone’s sales tactics but at Miellee Hair Company, we handle the sourcing and manufacturing of our products a little bit differentlyRather than simply reselling factory-made mass-produced hair extensions, we actually source raw hair material directly from reputable hair brokers in various countries, and then we manufacture our products ourselves in small batches to create the huge variety of colors and textures that you see featured in our store.


So, when we use the terms ‘Russian’, ‘Brazilian’, ‘Indian’ or otherwise, we are using those terms in the real sense - meaning that the hair in question literally came from a donor in that country. This is important because you can understand characteristics of the hair you’re ordering based on its origin.

For example : 

Russian hair is generally a fine to medium in texture. Russian hair is available in shades ranging from dark brown to light blonde. Since it is readily available in lighter color, this is the hair type we use to create our lighter blonde styles and fine-textured pieces.

Brazilian hair comes in a very wide range of fine, medium and thick textures, from silky straight to the tightest curls. Brazilian hair is available mostly in shades of medium brown to natural black, with the occasional light brown and blonde bundle. This is the hair type we use to create the medium-colored pieces, or those requiring a specialized texture .

Indian hair offers a wide range of textures from silky straight to deep curls and is mostly characterized as medium and thick in diameter. Indian hair is mostly available in shades of dark brown to jet black. This is the hair we use to create our darkest styles, and also our thickest diameter pieces.



Thanks to our hands-on sourcing and manufacturing process, we are able to offer a huge variety of products to suit essentially every hair type and skin tone. If you have a special request about the exact hair type that you want for your order, simply contact us to place your order, or include a note in the box at checkout. We try our best to accommodate all requests, and if there are any questions about your order, we will follow up directly with you to sort the details.

 We hope you enjoy our selection!

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