You may wash, cut, color, style & re-use your extensions


For the optimal health of your hair, we recommend that you wash your extensions and your natural hair as little as possible. Excessive washing can cause human hair to feel dry and brittle. When you do wash the extensions, be sure to lather them gently in a downward motion. Shampoo and condition the hair in cold water using nutrient-rich and color-safe products. Do not go to bed with damp hair. Allow the hair to air dry or in emergency cases use a blowdyer on a low heat setting.


For the most natural looking results, it is advisable that you cut the extensions into your hairstyle. If your hair is very layered, you may need to layer the extensions and use a numbering system to remember their placement. This will help the extensions blend perfectly into your hair and will significantly reduce the time needed to style your extensions. We recommend that you get the extensions cut professionally by a hairstylist who is experienced working with extensions.


Our Remy Hair can be colored darker and toned as needed. Our Virgin Hair can be bleached, colored and toned. If you chemically process your extensions in any way, please note that you are accepting responsibility for the results. View the policy on alterations here. Depending on your care routine and the details of your extensions, there are instances where the color may need to be touched up. If you find that you need a retouch, contact us. We offer complementary retouch services for all of our extensions.


Miellee Hair Extensions are completely natural and will respond to styling habits and use of heat just as the hair attached on your head would respond. As such, we recommend that you only style with heat tools when absolutely necessary. Excessive use of blowdryers, curling irons or smoothing irons can affect the feel and behavior of any hair extensions, even the highest quality ones. Remember to brush the hair regularly with a vent brush and to apply essential oils to the hair daily.


Our products have no expiration date. Many clients tend to re-use our extensions for months and even years, depending on their lifestyle and hair care routine. Follow the instructions detailed on this page for optimal results and to prolong the life of your extensions. Keep in mind that each set of extensions is unique and you may need to adjust your hair care routine depending on your particular set of extensions. Read through our FAQs and policies for more information. Questions? Email


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