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What type of hair is used to make Miellee Hair Extensions?
Miellee Hair Extensions are made of natural human hair sourced in virgin remy condition. This is the highest quality hair available on the market.

What does it mean if hair is "Virgin"?
Virgin hair is totally pure and unprocessed – it has never been bleached, colored, or chemically processed before. Blonde hair was grown on a blonde head, curly hair on a curly head, etc. As a result, the hair has a healthy, rich, vibrant look you can see and feel.

What does it mean if hair is "Remy"?
Remy hair is vibrant and healthy, with cuticles intact, facing their proper direction. In practical terms, this means that the hair was cut off of the donor’s head in the form of a ponytail so that each hair strand remains intact in the direction that it grew in originally. This is important because it means that the cuticles are perfectly healthy and protect the hair strands against damage.

What does it mean if hair is double drawn?
Technically speaking, 'double drawn' means that when the hair is sourced from the donor, it gets sorted through twice to remove short hairs. As a result of the extra effort, these extensions have fewer short hairs mixed and are thick from top to bottom with natural tapered ends.

Does Miellee sell single drawn and triple drawn hair as well?
Yes! If you are interested in single drawn or triple drawn hair, please email to discuss options.

Where exactly does Miellee Hair come from?
Miellee Hair is ethically sourced from donors in Russia, Brazil, India and China, where hair is naturally beautiful and resilient.

Can I choose the specific origin of my hair extensions?
If you have specific requests about the origin of your hair, please contact us to place your order.  





What products does Miellee Hair Company offer?
Our online store currently offers tape in, clip in, and weft extensions. You can also order halos, ponytails, buns, bangs, toppers, closures, wigs and men's units by special request.

How are Miellee Hair Extensions made?
Miellee Hair Extensions are meticulously crafted in-house by our team of experienced hair professionals. Our hands-on process allows us to create the most natural looking hair extensions that blend seamlessly into your hair.

How do I know which product to select for myself?
The type of extensions you use should reflect the lifestyle you lead and the amount of time you want to spend maintaining your hair. As a general rule, if you are looking for the quickest least committal methods, then you should consider clip in extensions or halo extensions, which you can apply yourself in a matter of minutes. If you're looking for semi-permanent extensions, then you might consider tape in extensions or weft extensions, which you will require the help of a professional, and you can wear for weeks per installation.



What exactly is a ‘special request’?
If you need a product, color, texture, length or volume option that you don't see posted in our store, you are welcome to submit a special request for the extensions of your choice at no extra charge. We will create extensions just for you, to match your specifications. Products you can order by special request include : tape ins, clip ins, wefts, halos, ponytails, buns, bangs, closures, wigs, and men's units.

What is the advantage of purchasing special-made extensions?
There are countless advantages to purchasing special-made extensions. The quality of the hair is unmatched. We hand select each set of hair to best suit our needs, and we take every measure to create natural looking colors, as if you had your hair professionally colored at a salon.

Can I special request any color and texture I want?
Basically, yes! Miellee Hair Company has access to a variety of hair types  and we can create any type of extension you need.

Do special requests cost extra?
No, there is no extra charge for special requests.

If I order a special request, do I get to see my extensions before they're shipped?
Yes, if you wish! If you’d like to see preview photos, please note this at the time that you place your order and we will be sure to send you preview photos of your extensions for approval prior to shipment.

How long do special requests take?
Timeframes for special requests will vary from order to order. If you have submitted a special request, please confirm the anticipated shipping date with the Miellee Hair Specialist processing your order.

Can I rush my special request?

We can often rush orders, depending on the details of your extensions. Please note your desired delivery date within the designated area in the order form and your Miellee Hair Specialist will confirm if this can or cannot be done prior to accepting your payment.



How do I best match my hair texture?
As a general rule, pick the hair texture that most closely matches your natural hair OR matches the texture that you wear the most. A close match will require less styling time on your part.

What if my hair is naturally curly but I mostly wear it straight?
We recommend that you purchase the extensions in the texture that you wear the most. For example if you are naturally curly-haired, but you wear your hair mostly straight, then you should get the extensions in a straight texture since that is your normal everyday hairstyle.

Can I style my extensions?
Yes, absolutely! Just remember to always use a heat protectant and to use heat tools in moderation. The curly hair in particular should be styled with heat tools as little as possible - as much as you can, we recommend that you wear the curly hair in its natural state without straightening or applying heat. Applying too high of heat, or too often can result in loosening the curls. Also, handling the curly hair while wet can cause frizziness. We recommend to wait until the hair is completely dry to manipulate.

Are all of the textures natural ?
Our straight and wavy textures are completely natural and organic, just as they grew on the donor's head. When we receive the raw hair material, our team categorizes each bundle of hair into its proper category - straight or wavy - based on how the hair behaves and dries naturally. Our curly hair textures are also natural and organic, however, these bundles are gently steam-processed using an innovative chemical-free technique that enhances the hair's natural curl. This is done to ensure that the curls continue to thrive over time.

Will the extensions maintain their natural textures?
Yes, our hair textures will retain their form even after they are washed and styled. Please note that once you wash the hair, the completely natural texture of the hair will come through. While wavy and curly hair will remain that wavy and curly after being washed, the exact wave and curl patterns may loosen as compared to how the hair appeared straight out of the package. Similarly, the straight hair textures will dry in a natural form and may exhibit some ripples or slight waves depending on the exact bundle of hair, weather conditions, products used, etc. As each set of hair comes from a different human being, we are unable to guarantee an exact texture from bundle to bundle (please see below).

Will the extensions look exactly the same every time I order them?
Not necessarily. Please allow for variation in the hair textures. Each set of extensions comes from a different human being and no two humans have the exact same hair, therefore the amount of straightness, waviness or curliness will vary from set to set. We cannot promise any particular texture pattern as each set of hair will vary. Please order from us with the understanding that exact texture patterns are not guaranteed. If you have specific requests for your extensions, please contact to discuss your order in advance.


How do I best match my color?
We suggest that you start by consulting our color chart. With numerous colors to choose from, you have plenty of options for your new hair extensions.

What if my tips & roots are different colors?
We suggest that you choose the color that most closely matches the tips of your hair because this is the portion of your hair that will need to blend in with the extensions.

What if I don't see the exact color I need?
If you don't see the exact color that you need featured in our shop, you can submit a  special request for any color of your choosing.

Do you offer a color matching service?
Yes! Please email a current picture of your hair and we will gladly make a recommendation for you. The best way to ensure a perfect match is to send pictures of your hair in outdoor light as well as indoor light.

Why is it so important to view hair color under natural light?
Clear natural sunlight is the universal measure for hair color. Indoor lighting, fluorescent lighting, dim lighting, etc, will affect the way hair color appears and distort certain tones or make the hair appear darker. Please always evaluate your extensions in clear natural light!

Here's where you can find additional information from other hair experts on this subject :


What lengths does Miellee offer?
Miellee Hair Extensions are currently available online in lengths 14 to 26 inch online and 8 to 30 inch by special request.

How do I decide which length to order for myself?
The length of your extensions is truly a personal choice. Please consult our length chart. As a general rule, the more length you're adding with hair extensions, the more hair you'll need in order to make it blend and look totally natural.


How do I create my desired level of volume?
You can control the volume of your hairstyle by choosing the appropriate amount of hair for your extensions.

How much hair should I order for myself?
As a general rule, the more length you're adding with the extensions, the more hair you'll need in order to make it look natural. Consult our volume chart for guidance. 



How often should I wash my hair extensions?
For the optimal health of your hair, we recommend that you wash your extensions and your natural hair as little as possible. Excessive washing can cause human hair to feel dry and brittle. When you do wash the extensions, be sure to lather them gently in a downward motion. Shampoo and condition the hair in cold water using nutrient-rich and color-safe products. Do not go to bed with damp hair. Allow the hair to air dry or in emergency cases use a blowdyer on a low heat setting.

Can I cut my hair extensions?
Yes, for the most natural looking results, it is advisable that you cut the extensions into your hairstyle. If your hair is very layered, you may need to layer the extensions and use a numbering system to remember their placement. This will help the extensions blend perfectly into your hair and will significantly reduce the time needed to style your extensions. We recommend that you get the extensions cut professionally by a hairstylist who is experienced working with extensions.

Will my extensions need to be retouched?
Depending on your hair care routine and the specific details of your extensions, there are instances where the color of your extensions may need to be touched up. This is especially true for ashy, fantasy, red, and multi-tone colors. If you find that your color needs a retouch, contact us. We offer complementary retouch services for all of our extensions.

Can I color my hair extensions myself?
Our Remy hair extensions are made of natural human hair which has been color treated to reach its current color. While you may be able to tone and color this hair, we advise you to proceed with caution and always perform strand tests before coloring the full set of hair. Lightening / bleaching our Remy hair is not recommended as these processes have produced mixed results for our clients.

Our Virgin hair extensions are pure and unprocessed (not color treated). This is the ideal hair type if you are planning to chemically alter your extensions in any way, and many of our professional clients use this hair type to successfully color their own extensions. Again, we always recommed to perform strand tests before coloring the full set of hair to ensure you will obtain desired results, and to perfect your formulas.

PLEASE NOTE : If you or your stylist choose to perform a chemical process on any of our hair extensions (including but not limited to bleaching, lightening, coloring or toning the hair) you are doing so at your own risk and you are accepting full responsibility for the results. Hair which has been chemically altered by you in any way will not qualify for return, exchange or store credit, and is not covered under warranty. 

Contact with questions.

Can I curl, straighten & style my extensions?
Yes, you may style your extensions as needed. Just keep in mind that Miellee Hair Extensions are completely natural and will respond to styling habits and use of heat just as the hair attached on your head would respond. As such, we recommend that you only style with heat tools when absolutely necessary. Excessive use of blowdryers, curling irons or smoothing irons can affect the feel and behavior of any hair extensions, even the highest quality ones. Remember to brush the hair regularly with a vent brush and to apply essential oils to the hair daily.

Can I re-use my extensions?
Yes! Our products have no expiration date. Many clients tend to re-use our extensions for months and even years, depending on their exact lifestyle and hair care routine. Follow the instructions detailed above for optimal results. Keep in mind that each set of extensions is unique and you may need to adjust your hair care routine depending on your particular set of extensions. 





What payment methods does Miellee accept?
We accept a number of secure payment options, including all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Paypal payments, and Shop Pay payments including the option to Pay Now or Pay Later.

Does Miellee offer a Buy Now, Pay Later option?
Yes, Miellee Hair Company now offers payment installments through Shop Pay, an official partner of Affirm.

How do I qualify for installment payments?
In order to pay in installments, your order must be $50-$1000 USD total, including shipping and taxes. You must have a shipping address in the U.S. Your order cannot include a gift card.*

How do I process my order using Shop Pay?

1) Add the products to your cart and choose Shop Pay as your payment method

2) Choose the installments option

3) Choose a debit or credit card to use for payment, then tap continue

4) Follow the steps to verify your identity - this usually takes just a few moments

5) If you agree to the terms, click Agree, then tape Authorize to purchase

6) Enter the 6-digit verification code that was texted to your phone

Your first payment will either be due at checkout or 2 weeks after your purchase. The next 3 remaining installments will be automatically charged to your card saved on Shop Pay every 2 weeks. You'll get an email reminder before each payment.*

Will Shop Pay installments impact my credit score?

If you choose to pay in installments through Shop Pay, there will be no impact to your credit score. For Shop Pay installments, Affirm will not report to credit bureaus. Please note that late payments and non-payments may affect your ability to use Shop Pay Installments in the future. *

Are there late fees with Shop Pay?
No, there are no late fees if you miss a scheduled payment or prepayment fees if you choose to pay off your balance early.*

Will I be charged interest if I pay using Shop Pay Installments?
No, there are is no interest charged with Shop Pay Installments. When you choose Shop Pay at checkout, you can split your purchase into 4 equal, 0% interest installment payments—with no additional, hidden, or late fees.*

Which payment methods are accepted if I pay using Shop Pay Installments?
You will be able to use either a credit card or debit card when checking out using Shop Pay Installments.

How do exchanges work if I paid using Shop Pay Installments?
Please follow our standard exchange instructions detailed here. While you're waiting for your exchange, please continue to make any payments that are due.

How do I manage my Shop Pay account?
You can change your payment methods, adjust personal information, and manage all Shop Pay settings through the Shop portal :

For questions about installment payments on Shop Pay, visit

*Payment options are offered by Affirm and are subject to eligibility check and may not be available in all states. California residents: Affirm Loan Services, LLC is licensed by the Department of Business Oversight. Loans are made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law license 60DBO-111681.



What countries does Miellee ship to?
Miellee Hair Company ships worldwide!

What shipping methods does Miellee offer?
Miellee Hair Company offers a variety of convenient shipping methods, including FREE priority shipping within the U.S. and discounted priority shipping worldwide.  The shipping method you select determines how quickly your extensions will reach you once shipped.

Shipping options within the United States :

  • USPS Priority Mail (2-3 business days) for FREE
  • USPS Express Mail (1-2 business days) for $20
Shipping options outside the United States :
  • USPS Priority Mail (6-10 business days) for $35
  • USPS Express Mail (3-5 business days) for $65
  • USPS FedEx GX Mail (1-3 business days) for $95
ALL DELIVERY TIME FRAMES ABOVE ARE CALCULATED BASED ON GUIDELINES PROVIDED BY USPS ( Please refer to the official USPS website for the latest shipping and delivery updates in your area, including any service disruptions due to the global pandemic. .

How long is processing time?
Processing time varies based on product type, color, and texture. Please refer to our Delivery Policy for the most updated processing times. If you are in a rush to receive your order, please do not worry, we can often accommodate rush requests as long as we agree to it in advance. Simply email to discuss your order and delivery options.

Where do items ship from?
All items ship from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Can I pick up my extensions in person?
We currently operate online exclusively but if you are local and hoping to pick up your extensions in person, we can try to accommodate. Please email us at to place your order and inquire about pick up.

Does my shipping address have to match my billing address?
Yes, for security reasons, please make sure you enter the correct billing address and contact information as it appears on your bank or credit card statement. Transactions may not go through if the information entered does not match exactly what your bank or credit card provider has on file. Some transactions may also be held for further verification by our customer experience team.

I included the wrong shipping address with my order. What do I do now?
Make sure to  enter the correct shipping address at checkout (Street number and name, City, State, and Zip Code). If you realize that you included the wrong shipping address, please contact us immediately and we will figure out how to best rectify the situation. Please note that if you provide incorrect shipping information and there are additional costs incurred to re-deliver or return the item back to us, you will be responsible for those additional fees.


I received my extensions and the color isn't a perfect match. What should I do?
If the product you ordered is not an ideal match, you have 90 days from the delivery date to return the product for exchange or store credit.

How do I initiate a return?
In order to request an return, please contact us at within the qualifying period to initiate the process.

How long does it take to process an exchange?
If you opt for an exchange, we'll start preparing your new extensions right away to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

How many times can I exchange my product?
You are welcome to exchange each order 1 time free of charge. Additional exchanges beyond that will incur a 50% product fee. This is because each item is handmade and every exchange requires us to create a brand new product each time. 

Does store credit expire?
Nope, never! Store credits can be used at any point in the future.

What are the conditions for returns?
Products must be shipped back unworn, unused and in their original condition. Worn or damaged products are not returnable and no exceptions can be made/ All tags and packaging must still be intact (strings and hang tags included). The product must be shipped back within 90 days of receiving it. Shipping fees are non-refundable and the buyer is responsible for all shipping fees associated with a return.






Can you help me choose my extensions? 
Yes, absolutely! We understand that ordering hair online is not always easy and we’re here to help! Email at any time for a free consultation. Please include relevant photos that explain your desired results.