What products does Miellee Hair Company offer?
We offer clip in extensions, tape in extensions, weave extensions, halo extensions, wigs, closures, bangs and ponytails. You can shop our collection of clip ins, tape ins, and weaves directly from our store. You can also send us a custom request for custom clip ins, tape ins, weaves, halos, wigs, bangs, ponytails, and closures. Learn more about our products here.

Are Miellee Hair Extensions hand-made or factory-made?
All of our products are hand-made with love and special attention to detail.

What are clip in extensions?
Clip in extensions are a do-it yourself approach to longer thicker hair. Our clip in extensions come with 8 full pieces of various widths. The pieces are clipped in or out of your head in minutes by use of small snap clips which insert into your hair like tiny combs. Once fitted properly, clip in extensions are very comfortable and completely undetectable. They are normally put in and out daily or as needed.

What are tape in extensions?
Tape in extensions are a semi permanent approach to hair extensions. Our tape sets come with 20 pieces that are each 1.5 inch wide. The pieces are attached to your head by use of double sided tape and a sandwich method. Tape in extensions normally require the help of a professional to install. Once they are put in, they can stay put for 3-6 weeks before needing to be re-taped and re-installed.

What are weave extensions?
Weave extensions are essentially bundles of hair that are attached together by a long weft along the top. Our weaves feature a full 100g of hair. There are various method to install weave extensions, including gluing, sewing and beading. Weave extensions normally require the help of a professional to install. They last for weeks at a time depending on the installation method.

What are halo extensions?
Halo extensions consist of wefts of hair that are layered together to create a hair piece. The halo is attached to your head within minutes by use of an invisible line which literally disappears into your hair. Once fitted properly, the halo is very light weight and blends perfectly into your hair. Your halo is put in and out daily or as needed. Submit a custom request here to order a halo.

What are wigs?
A wig is a full hair unit that essentially covers your entire head. We offer full lace, partial lace and standard cap wigs. The full lace wigs feature a lace underlay which mimics the appearance of a scalp. The full lace wigs allow you to part the hair anywhere and even wear your wig in a high ponytail. The partial lace wigs allow you to part the hair in certain places, normally the front and sides. The standard cap wigs are meant to be worn only in the style that they come in. Submit a custom request here to order a wig.

What are closures?
A closure is a hair piece that is usually made of lace or silk. The purpose of the closure is to allow you to wear a full head of extensions and still have a natural looking part. Our closures generally feature a full lace base so that they can be parted anywhere. Submit a custom request here to order a closure.

What are bangs?
A faux bang is a temporary way to add edge to any hairstyle. Our bangs feature wispy human hair that is attached to a triangular base. You attach the bang to your head by use of 3 snap clips. The bangs look very realistic because they feature fringe hair on the outsides which give your hairstyle a very realistic layered appearance. Submit a custom request here to order a bang.

What are ponytails?
A ponytail extension is a hair piece that is specially constructed to add to the length and volume of your ponytail. Our ponytails are made with a wrap on method - you lay the ponytail on top of your own ponytail, secure it into place with a boby pin or two, and wrap the designated "tail" piece around the base of your ponytail to camouflage the base. Ponytails are super easy to use and perfect for casual hair days. Submit a custom request here to order a ponytail.

How do I know which product to select for myself?
The type of extensions you use should reflect the lifestyle you lead and the amount of time you want to spend maintaining your hair. Miellee Hair Company offers a variety of extension methods to match every lifestyle. As a general rule, if you are looking for the quickest least committal methods, then you should consider clip in extensions, a halo extension or a wig which you put on yourself daily. If you're looking for semi-permanent extensions, then you might consider weave extensions or tape in extensions, which you will require the help of a professional, and you can maintain for weeks per installation.


What colors does Miellee offer?
Miellee offers a wide variety of colors & styles, including: ombre & balayage, ashy blondes, golden blondes, ash browns, golden browns, classic reds, vibrant reds, and fantasy colors.

Are Miellee hair colors hand-painted or manufactured by a machine?
The Virgin Hair that we sell is completely unprocessed and comes in its natural color, just as it grew on the donor's head. The Remy Hair we sell is individually colored by a professional colorists just like your hair would be at a salon. This hair comes in a variety of colors. Due to our unique manufacturing process, we are able to customize each set of extensions per the client's specifications. You can either purchase one of our featured colors or you can order custom extensions at no extra charge.

How do I best match my color?
We suggest that you start by consulting our color chart. With numerous colors to choose from, you have plenty of options for your new hair extensions. If you don't see the exact color that you need featured in our shop, you can submit a custom request for any color of your choosing.
What if my tips & roots are different colors?
We suggest that you choose the color that most closely matches the tips of your hair because this is the portion of your hair that will need to blend in with the extensions.

What if I don't see the exact color I need?
Miellee Hair Extensions are made-to-order and this allows us to create any style imaginable. If you don't see exactly what you need posted online, you can submit a custom order request here. You can also choose from a close matching style, and include special instructions with your order. Special instructions can be noted in the comment box at checkout.

Do you offer a color matching service?
Yes! If you are having trouble determining which color most closely matches the tips of your hair, please email a current picture of your hair and we will gladly make a recommendation for you. The best way to ensure a perfect match is to send pictures of your hair in outdoor light as well as indoor light.


What textures does Miellee offer?
Miellee Hair Extensions are currently available in straight, wavy and curly hair textures. Compare texture swatches here.

What are the details of each texture?

Straight hair : The silky straight option is the perfect choice for fine or medium hair with medium or high sheen. The Yaki Straight option is best suited for thick or coarse hair with less sheen. All our straight texture options feature a natural bend and can dry with a slight natural wave depending on weather conditions, use of products, etc.

Wavy hair : The beach wave option features a natural s-shape wave and is best suited for medium hair with medium or high sheen. This texture is best characterized as soft cascading waves. The body wave option features a loose spiral wave with natural free style. Both wavy options are easy to straighten and hold  a curl very well.

Curly Hair: The deep curl option is the most versatile curl for medium to thick hair with medium to low sheen. The hair featured bouncy medium sized corkscrew curls with loads of body. Can be straightened if needed. The tiny curl option features tight corkscrew curls with a more kinky coarse feel. It is not recommended to straighten the tiny curly hair regularly for risk of affecting the curl pattern.

How do I best match my hair texture?
As a general rule, always pick the hair texture that most closely matches your natural hair. A close match will require less styling time on your part.
What if my hair is naturally curly but I mostly wear it straight?
If you tend to straighten your curly hair, or to curl your straight hair, then we recommend that you purchase the extensions in the texture that you wear the most. For example if you are naturally curly-haired, but you wear your hair mostly straight, then you should get the extensions in a straight texture since that is your normal everyday hairstyle.

Will the extensions maintain their textures over time?
Yes. Our hair textures are totally organic and they will retain their form even after they are washed and styled.


What types of hair does Miellee offer?
All of our extensions are made of natural human hair. We sell hair that is still in Virgin condition (pure & unprocessed) as well as hair that is in Remy condition (colored by us). Compare the two here.

What does it mean if hair is "Virgin"?
Virgin Hair is totally pure and natural – it has never been bleached, colored or chemically processed. Blonde hair was grown on a blonde head, curly hair on a curly head, etc. As a result, the hair has a healthy, rich, vibrant look you can see and feel.
What does it mean if hair is "Remy"?
Remy Hair is colored by us and is perfectly healthy. Cuticles are intact and each hair strand is still facing its original direction. In practical terms, this means that the hair was cut off of the person's head in the form of a ponytail so that each hair strand was left facing the direction that it grew in originally. This is important because it means that the cuticles of the hair will lock in moisture and protect the hair against damage.

What does it mean if hair is double drawn?
The term 'double drawn' refers to the thickness of the hair from top to bottom. When each bundle of hair is taken from a human donor, the bundles are sifted through to remove short hairs. Double drawn hair is sifted through twice to remove the short hairs. As a result of the extra effort, these extensions have fewer short hairs mixed in, so the extensions are significantly thicker from top to bottom. Since we are dealing with natural human hair, double drawn hair still has a bit of a natural taper at the ends, but less so than single drawn hair. Double drawn hair is best suited for people looking for a nice even thickness from root to tip. If you are interested in single drawn or triple drawn hair, please email to discuss options.

Where does Miellee Hair come from?
Our hair extensions are sourced from human donors in Russia, Brazil, India and China. Learn more about our sourcing.

What is the difference between Russian, Brazilian, Indian and Chinese hair?

Russian hair is generally a fine to medium in texture. Russian hair is available mostly in shades of light blonde and to medium browns. This is the hair type we use to create the lighter blonde styles.

Brazilian hair comes is a very wide range of fine, medium and thick textures, from silky straight to the tiniest tiny curls. Brazilian hair is available mostly in shades of medium brown to natural black, with the occasional light brown bundle. This is the hair type we use to create the darker styles.

Indian hair offers a wide range of textures from silky straight to deep curls. Indian hair is mostly available in shades of dark brown to jet black. This is the hair we use to create our darkest styles.

Chinese hair comes mainly in a straight texture and is thicker in diameter than Indian, Brazilian or Russian hair. This hair best suited for some of our wigs and other hair pieces that require darker colors with full thick ends.

Can I choose the specific origin of my hair extensions?
All four hair types are extremely high quality and versatile. We've found that all four origins are adaptable to any skin tone and hair type, and that the origin itself has very little to do with the end result. Therefore, we urge you to focus on the texture and color of your set, and this will lead to the most natural looking results. If you're very concerned about the origin of your particular set, please include your special instructions at checkout. We try our best to accommodate all instructions.


What lengths does Miellee offer?
Check out our length chart here. Miellee Hair Extensions are currently available online in lengths 14 to 26 inch. We also sometimes have 8, 10, 12, 28, 30 & 32 inch hair available. If you need a specific length that you don't see online, simply email to place your order or submit a custom request.

How do I decide which length to order for myself?
The length of your extensions is truly a personal choice. Consult the length chart and see how long you want your hair. As a general rule, the more length you're adding with hair extensions, the more hair you'll need in order to make it blend and look totally natural.
Should my stylist cut my extensions?
If your hair is short or features many layers, we recommend that you cut the extensions into your hairstyle to make it look natural. In fact, we recommend for everyone to cut their extensions into their hairstyle as this will help the extensions blend best.


How do I create my desired level of volume?
You can control the volume of your hairstyle by choosing the appropriate amount of hair for your extensions. As a general rule, the more length you're adding with the extensions, the more weight/quantity you'll need in order to make it look natural. Consult our volume chart for guidance.

What weight & quantity options does Miellee offer?
Clip in extensions are available in 4 weight options - you can choose 120g, 170g, 220g and 270g for your set.

Tape in extensions come in sets of 20, 40, 60 or 80 pieces. Each individual piece weighs 2-4g depending on the length.

Weave extensions are available in bundle deals - you can choose 1 bundle, 2 bundles, 3 bundles or 4 bundles. Each bundle weighs 100g.

How much hair should I order for myself?

For a thin to medium hairstyle, we recommend to order the following:
Clip Ins : 120-170g
Tape Ins : 20-40pcs
Weaves : 1-2 bundles

or a medium to thick hairstyle, we recommend to order the following:
Clip Ins : 170-220g
Tape Ins : 40-60pcs
Weaves : 2-3 bundles

For a thick to extra thick hairstyle, we recommend to order the following:
Clip Ins : 220-270g
Tape Ins : 60-80pcs
Weaves : 3-4 bundles

Will my extensions look natural?
Hair extensions can look completely natural as long as you purchase the right quantity for yourself (as detailed above).


How do I get started?
Start by clicking on the product that you want : clip ins, tape ins, weaves, halos, wigs, bangs, ponytails, and closures. These links will lead you to a form that you can fill out with basic information about your order: sizing, color, length, texture, etc.

What next?
After you've submitted your form online, a Miellee Hair Specialist will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the details of your order, delivery methods, and payment.

How does payment work?
After agreeing on the details of your order with a Miellee Hair Specialist, you will pay a 50% deposit to get the custom order started. The remaining 50% balance, you pay after we've sent you preview photos of your extensions.

Do I get to see my extensions before they're shipped?
Yes, once your set has been created, we will send you a photos of your extensions for your approval.

Do custom requests cost extra?
No, there is no extra charge for custom requests.

How long does it take?
Processing time to create each set of extensions is approximately 5-10 business days. Once you have reviewed and approved the photos of your set, the extensions are mailed out within 24 hours. Overall you can expect the process to take approximately 2 weeks.

Can I rush my order?
We can often rush orders, just depending on the details of your extensions. Please note your desired delivery date within the designated area in the order form and your Miellee Hair Specialist will confirm if this can or cannot be done prior to accepting your payment.

What types of extensions can I custom request?
You can order clip ins, tape ins, weaves, halos, wigs, bangs, ponytails, and closures. If you need a product type that is not listed, contact us to submit your request.

Can I order any color and texture I want?
Basically, yes! Miellee Hair Company has access to a variety of hair types and we hand-paint all of our extensions to create the most natural looking colors. This means that we can custom make any extension you need, whether you are blonde, brunette, redhead or mermaid with straight, wavy or curly hair.

What if the extensions don't match?
The Miellee Hair Specialist charged with your order will take every measure to ensure a perfect match. In the rare instance that the extensions are still not ideal, you will have the opportunity to send the hair back for exchange.

Can I see pictures of other custom extensions?
Yes! Check out these recent photos of other client's orders. Each of these sets was hand-selected and hand-painted individually for that client.


Does Miellee offer consultations?
Yes. We understand that ordering hair extensions online is not always easy. We've put together some useful resources to help you get started : products, colors, textures, hair types, length & volume to ensure that you order a good match. Still not sure what you need? No problem. Email for a free consultation. We're here to help!

Can I provide special instructions with my order?
Yes! Each set of Miellee Hair Extensions is hand-selected and individually colored at the time that you place your order. This means that you are able to include special instructions if you need your extensions done a certain way. For example, you can adjust the color. You can change the sizing of the clip pieces. You can request a mix of lengths. Whatever you need, we can most likely accommodate.

What countries does Miellee ship to?
Miellee Hair Company ships worldwide with the exception of a few select high risk countries. For a complete list of the countries we do not ship to, visit our shipping policy page.

What shipping methods does Miellee use?
Miellee Hair Company offers a variety of convenient shipping methods that are cost effective and deliver quickly.

United States Options:

USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day business day transit for $10) 

USPS Express Mail (1-2 business day transit for $30)

International Options:

USPS First Class Registered Mail (14-21 business day transit for $30)

USPS Priority Mail (10-14 business day transit for $45)

USPS Express Mail (5-10 business day transit for $60)

USPS Global Express Mail (3-5 day transit for $90)

Please note that only the Express options provide guaranteed delivery dates, all other shipping methods are just estimates.

For more information about shipping methods, visit the shipping policy page. Remember to calculate processing time when figuring out the delivery date of your extensions (see below).

How long will it take to receive my extensions?
Ready to ship items dispatch from Las Vegas, Nevada in 1-2 business days . Made-to-order and custom extensions require 5-10 business days processing time. This is the time needed for us to create the extensions per your specifications. Once shipped, your order will be delivered in the time frame specified by your chosen shipping method.

Can I rush an order?
Yes, if you need your order rushed, simply contact to discuss delivery.

What payment methods does Miellee accept?
We accept a number of secure payment options, including all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as Paypal payments. Check our payment policy page for further information.

Does Miellee offer layaway plans?
Yes, Miellee Hair Company offers a layaway option if you wish to purchase your extensions in two or three payment installments. To enroll in the layaway plan, send an email to to get started. Learn more >

Can I cancel my order once it's been processed?
Once an order has been processed and confirmed (i.e., payment verified and hair reserved), the order can no longer be cancelled. In the rare instance that we approve a cancellation for strenuous circumstances, the cancellation will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Does my shipping address have to match my billing address?
Yes, for security reasons, please make sure you enter the correct billing address and contact information as it appears on your bank or credit card statement. Transactions may not go through if the information entered does not match exactly what your bank or credit card provider has on file. Some transactions may also be held for further verification by our customer experience team.

I included the wrong shipping address with my order. What do I do now?
Make sure to  enter the correct shipping address at checkout (Street number and name, City, State, and Zip Code). If you realize that you included the wrong shipping address, please contact us immediately and we will figure out how to best rectify the situation. Please note that if you provide incorrect shipping information and there are additional costs incurred to re-deliver or return the item back to us, you will be responsible for those additional fees.

Will my extensions look exactly like the listing photo?
Each set of extensions is individually created (not mass produced). As such, please allow for some slight variations in the exact color and texture of each set. Since the textures are 100% natural and each one comes from a different human being, no two sets will ever be the exact same texture. This is because no two human beings have exactly the same hair. Also please keep in mind that each set of extensions is colored individually by hand. This means that no two sets will every be exactly identical in color. All in all, you will receive a product that matches the listing photo and description, however, there may be some slight difference. Feel free to add special instructions with your order if you have specific things that you absolutely need.

What's the first thing I should do when I receive my extensions?
Please open up your package and find your 'tester piece'.The purpose of the tester piece is to give you an opportunity to test out the hair and ensure that it is a good match. We encourage you to install the tester, try it out for some days, observe the color in various lightings, and make sure that you are happy with your purchase before opening up your full set. Learn more >

The color doesn't match. What should I do?
We are happy to offer a hassle-free 30 day exchange policy. Simply contact us within 30 days of receiving your extensions to initiate an exchange. We are more than happy to accommodate exchanges of hair extensions that have NOT been worn or tampered with.

How do I initiate an exchange?
In order to request an exchange, just contact us at within the qualifying exchange period. We will then issue you a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and provide you with the return address for our warehouse where the returned item will be inspected to confirm that you qualify for the exchange. Worn or damaged merchandise will not be exchanged.

Can I return my extensions for refund?
Each set of extensions is made-to-order. This process allows us to customize each set of extensions per the individual's client's needs. Due to the nature of made-to-order products, we are unable to offer refunds. If you find that you need a different color or texture, you always have the option to exchange your set within 30 days of receiving it.
Does Miellee guarantee their products?
Yes, we are very involved in sourcing our raw hair material and as a result, we are able to guarantee that every client receives nothing short of the finest quality hair. Through a series of industry-accepted tests, we confirm the porosity and elasticity of each set and make sure that the product you receive is perfectly healthy. Every order is thoroughly inspected prior to shipping to ensure that we meet our strict quality standards.

I'm a loyal returning customer. Do I earn rewards?
Yes! Make sure to sign up for our rewards program here.

I'm a salon interested in reselling your products. How do I get started?
Please visit the wholesale section of the website to get started today.



How often should I wash my hair extensions?
For the optimal health of your hair, we recommend that you wash your extensions and your natural hair as little as possible. Excessive washing can cause human hair to feel dry and brittle. When you do wash the extensions, be sure to lather them gently in a downward motion. Shampoo and condition the hair in cold water using nutrient-rich and color-safe products. Do not go to bed with damp hair. Allow the hair to air dry or in emergency cases use a blowdyer on a low heat setting.

Can I cut my hair extensions?
For the most natural looking results, it is advisable that you cut the extensions into your hairstyle. If your hair is very layered, you may need to layer the extensions and use a numbering system to remember their placement. This will help the extensions blend perfectly into your hair and will significantly reduce the time needed to style your extensions. We recommend that you get the extensions cut professionally by a hairstylist who is experienced working with extensions.

Will my extensions need to be retouched?
Depending on your hair care routine and the specific details of your extensions, there are instances where the color of your extensions may need to be touched up. This is especially true of bright colors such as our vibrant reds, our ashy blondes and balayage styles that feature very dark roots contrasted with very light tips. If you find that your color needs a retouch, contact us. We offer complementary retouch services for all of our extensions.

Can I color my hair extensions myself?
Our Remy Hair can be colored darker and toned as needed. Our Virgin Hair can be colored, toned, bleached and chemically processed. If you or your stylist choose to perform any altering process of any kind on the hair extensions, including but not limited to bleaching, lightening, coloring or toning the hair, please note that you are doing so at your own risk and you are accepting full responsibility for the results. View the full policy on alterations here. Contact with questions.

Can I curl, straighten & style my extensions?
Yes, you may style your extensions as needed. Just keep in mind that Miellee Hair Extensions are completely natural and will respond to styling habits and use of heat just as the hair attached on your head would respond. As such, we recommend that you only style with heat tools when absolutely necessary. Excessive use of blowdryers, curling irons or smoothing irons can affect the feel and behavior of any hair extensions, even the highest quality ones. Remember to brush the hair regularly with a vent brush and to apply essential oils to the hair daily.

Can I re-use my extensions?
Yes. Our products have no expiration date. Many clients tend to re-use our extensions for months and even years, depending on their exact lifestyle and hair care routine. Follow the instructions detailed above for optimal results. Keep in mind that each set of extensions is unique and you may need to adjust your hair care routine depending on your particular set of extensions. Questions? Email

How long will my extensions last?
While we are able to guarantee the quality of our products, and most of our clients tend to use and re-use extensions for months and even years, we do not guarantee any specified length of time that your extensions will last. Each client is different and the life cycle of the extensions will vary depending on the person's exact lifestyle, hair care routine, and specific set of extensions. Read through our guarantee for additional information. Need help or advice about your particular set of extensions? Just send us a quick message :


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